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Queenstown Vegan Society

Welcome to the Queenstown Vegan Society.  We are a registered charity created to bring vegans together and to educate, motivate and inspire our local and neighbouring communities to better take care of animals, the environment and human health by adopting a vegan lifestyle.

This site will provide you with information on veganism and why it is so important to all animals, our own health and the future of our planet.

You will find resources such as videos, recipes, information on all facets of veganism, local vegan-friendly dining, local events ~ from vegan cooking classes to protesting the rodeo and much more.

Join the Queenstown Vegan Society for discounts around town, receive our regular newsletter and come to our Vegan hangouts ~ all are welcome and we encourage vegetarians or non-vegans who may have questions to come and join us!     Click here to check out our lovely vegan-friendly sponsors! >>


Our ultimate goal is to help to end the suffering of animals caused by human behaviour.  We aim to find ways that in our corner of the planet we can make a difference to the lives of as many abused animals as possible.

Animal abuse in our society right here in New Zealand includes (but is not limited to),
the needless killing and eating of animals, unnecessary and unhealthy consumption of the breast milk of other animals, the wearing of animals' skin, fur, feathers and coat and animals used for entertainment and spectacle, such as rodeo, greyhound and horse racing.

We are a registered charity and all your donations and income from our fund raising goes towards our animal welfare goals. 
We achieve these goals through various forms of activism.  These may be protests or street activism where we attempt to educate the public as to the terrible suffering going on behind closed doors, and to the fact that animals have the same capacity to suffer as we do. 


The first thing EVERYONE can do to partipate in the ending of animal suffering is easy.

You don't have to shout and yell or wave a banner ~ you can start your activism today by stopping putting animals and their secretions into your body.


Much of our activism comes in the form of demonstrating the ease of moving towards a cruelty free diet, without consuming others.  The availability of products, variety and health benefits are now undisputed!  Our charity runs regular events such as cooking classes, pot luck dinners, film and foodie nights and expos with the aim of showcasing health and deliciousness of plant based food.

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The Best Speech Ever

If you listen to just one speech about why we should all be eating vegan it is this!

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