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Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Food and magic... who doesn't love both these things? Together, local Declan Wong provides a night of both with his dinner and magic show events! Declan is a world-class illusionist and sleight of hand artist with 40 years experience. He also offers QVS members 30% off his dinner and magic show evenings. Here's a little interview with this mysterious local magician!

What lead you on the path to veganism?

Like many, first health, the inflammation caused by dairy and meats for me was so painful, it was amazing to discover a pain free body once I began. Then the animals, like walking out of a dark cave , and looking back on the pain and suffering from my choices.

What’s your favorite vegan dish to cook?

I grew up in the restaurant business, so cooking is a pleasure, over the years I keep veganizing all my favorites dishes. My favorite is Moo shu Pork, made with boar free bacon, it's amazing.

For someone who is interested in pursuing veganism, what guidance would you give?

Because of the growing awareness of health and the planet, the resources are abundant if you reach out for them. The switch is more of a joy than effort, waking up in a lean body free of chronic pain, and knowing that you're significantly reducing your impact on the planet with your choices.

What’s your favourite place to eat plant-based food in town, and why?

Our home makes the best vegan food so far, after that Ferg makes a great vegan burger, there are so many spots that are raising the bar.

Check out Declan's website:

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